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What Does Corporate Identity Include?

What factors influence business success in Malaysia? According to a recent PWC poll of 720 executives, one of the important alternative approach is a strong Corporate Identity. By refering to the survey, we had been notice that company with a greater sense of corporate identity outscored those who didn’t with 25% of performance.

The visual perception of a whole organisation is called corporate identity. It contrasts from branding, which usually encompasses the entire story of a service or product, from the aesthetic elements to the backstory and market positioning. It also refers to all of the visual elements chosen to represent your organization’s overall face.

Four Element included in Corporate Identity

1. Logo.
The most visible graphic element of corporate identity is the logo design. As a prominent visual signifier, it should instantly identify your company. A strong corporate logo can even elevate an organisation from a business to a cultural icon, as seen in the examples above.

2. Typeface.
Typography, one of the important key element for your coporate identity. Words is always powerful. Indeed, the typography can decide your words to be in warm and pleasant, elegant and opulent, or bold and authoritative.

3. Imagenery.
Despite wordings, the other powerful elements for your corporate identity is the images. This is because the photographs and artwork provide a consistent feel that represents the organisation.

4. Style guidelines.
Last but not least,to help ensure the successful application of all elements, a set of detailed style guidelines are needed. These guideline are usually also known as the corporate identity manual and it take the responsibility to outline all the exact flows needed for a corporate identity and ensure it is applied consistently by everyone.


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